Regional Response Team IX


Site Contact:
William Jones/Benjamin Perry-Thistle
RRTIX Co-Coordinators


Site Location:
AZ, NV, CA 94501

RRT9 Community,

Many thanks to the great turnout and participation in person and online for our inaugural hybrid meeting.    The presentations have been uploaded to the Documents section of this Website.  We are still pouring through the excellent ideas and feedback we received from the breakout sessions:  Abandoned Derelict Vessels (ADVs), Public Health Assessment Unit (PHAU), Planning, and Training and Exercises.  Stayed tuned for more info.

RRT9 Committees: As a result of the breakout sessions and plenary discussion, we are adding ADVs and Tribal Committees to our existing Committees:  Response Technology Evaluation, PHAU, and Training and Exercises.   If you are interested in participating on any of the Committees, please contact us. 

Mailing List: Thanks for your patience and understanding as we try to get our distribution list cleaned up.  We will be making a concerted effort to get the list dialed-inPlease respond to this email if you do not want to receive emails/calendar invites from us. 

RRT9 Meeting Dates: There were numerous requests for a 4-5 year calendar.  Save-the-date calendar invites have been sent out.  We will have hybrid meetings  (in person with virtual connectivity) twice a year and will utilize the first ½ to full day for tours, training and/or ACP meetings.  The next meeting will be July 19-20 in Phoenix, AZ.  For a full listing of upcoming meetings see 

Executive Steering Committee: Provides strategic direction and includes representatives from USEPA, USCG, DOI, USFS, FEMA, DOD, USACE and OSPR.  Spring and Fall virtual ESC meetings will be scheduled as well as in-person meetings in conjunction with the RRT9 meetings go to the Events section of this website.

Contact us with Questions:

Bill Jones, USEPA Region IX (, 619-806-6737)

Ben Perry-Thistle, USCG D11 (, 510-316-3162)


About Us: RRT9 is a multi-agency coordination group concerned with preparedness and response to oil and hazardous substance spills on land in Arizona, California and Nevada, and in the coastal marine environment of California. The co-chairs are the U.S Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Coast Guard.

Mission: The mission of RRT9 is to ensure coordinated, efficient, and effective support of the federal, state, tribal, local, and international responses to significant oil and hazardous substance incidents within the Pacific Southwest Region as mandated by the National Contingency Plan (NCP) 40 CFR Parts 300-399.