2016 NRT Worker Safety and Health Technical Conference

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WSH Tech Conference- Updated Agenda Category and Topic v11.2 final.pdf 2016 NRT Worker Safety and Health Technical Conference Agenda (revised final) Agenda 10/19/2016 401 KB Download
Mosier Oil Train Derailment - R. Franklin.pdf Case Study: Mosier Oil Train Derailment
• Rich Franklin (EPA)*
Presentation 10/19/2016 3665 KB Download
Bakken Crude Study - G. Powell.pdf Safety and Health Issues from EPA’s Warm-weather Non-conventional Crude Oil Study and Exercise Lessons Learned
• Greg Powell (EPA)*
Presentation 10/18/2016 108941 KB Download
ISB Safety - K. Pounds.pdf In-Situ Burn Safety Guidelines and SMART Protocols
• Kenneth Pounds (USCG Gulf Strike Team)
Presentation 10/18/2016 5089 KB Download
Case Study Gold King Mine Site Safety - B. Kovak.pdf Case Study - Mine Safety: Gold King Mine Incident
• Brian Kovak (EPA)
Presentation 10/17/2016 11658 KB Download
RT PSI Assessment - M. Buller.pdf Real-time Assessment of Thermal-Work Strain: Algorithmic Basis and Validity
• Mark Buller (USARIEM)*
Presentation 10/17/2016 3012 KB Download
Tank Gauging Operations - T Jordan.pdf Tank Gauging Operations
• Todd Jordan (OSHA)*
Presentation 10/17/2016 2894 KB Download
Infectious Disease - C Brown, J Schugart.pdf Infectious Disease
• Chris Brown (OSHA)
• CDR Jill Schugart (NIOSH)
Presentation 10/14/2016 2256 KB Download
WS&H Pamphlet_tabloid_10-13-2016.pdf Agenda Pamphlet Agenda 10/14/2016 28453 KB Download
Case Study - Galena Derailment - P. Ruesch.pdf Case Study - Bakken Crude Oil Response: Galena Derailment
• Paul Ruesch (EPA)
Presentation 10/14/2016 4251 KB Download
EC Perspectives - P Lambert.pdf Environment Canada - Perspectives and Issues on Health and Safety at Non-conventional (Diluted Bitumen) Crude Oil Incidents
• Pat Lambert (EC)
Presentation 10/14/2016 1968 KB Download
Oil-Chem Incident Annex - J Shumann.pdf Oil/Chemical Incident Annex of the National Response Framework
• Jean Schumann (EPA)
Presentation 10/14/2016 838 KB Download
FRA during Accident Scenes - J Moore.pdf Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) during Accident Scenes
• Jeffrey Moore (FRA)
Presentation 10/14/2016 229 KB Download
Case Study Salvage and Dive ARGO - E Primeau.pdf Case Study - Salvage and Dive Operations: Argo Shipwreck
• Edward Primeau (USCG Atlantic Strike Team)
Presentation 10/14/2016 2975 KB Download
Physiological Status Moniroting Presentation - B. Tharion.pdf Physiological Status Monitoring (PSM) for the National Guard Bureau’s Weapons of Mass Destruction – Civil Support Teams (WMD-CSTs)
• Bill Tharion (USARIEM)
Presentation 10/14/2016 2744 KB Download
2016 WSH Evaluation form v2 MS Word.doc 2016 WSH Evaluation Form MS Word Evaluation Form 10/10/2016 38 KB Download
Speaker and Presentation Guidelines v5.pdf Speaker Guidelines Speaker Guidelines 9/15/2016 477 KB Download
2016 Worker Safety and Health Technical Conference Hotel Options v2.pdf Hotel Options Hotel Options 9/14/2016 447 KB Download
2016 WSH Tech Conference Food Information.pdf 2016 WSH Technical Conference Food Information Food Options 8/31/2016 575 KB Download