RRT2 Plans, Policies and Guidance

Edison, NJ - RRT II

Site Contact:
Steve Touw
RRT Coordinator


Site Location:
Edison, NJ 08837

This site contains the RRT II Regional Oil and Hazardous Substances Pollution Contingency Plan (RCP), and other related policies, protocols and guidance documents.

The RCP is organized into the following seven main sections and Appendices:

Section 1: Introduction (aligns RCP with NCP organization)
Section 2: Relationship to and Consistency with the NCP
Section 3: Regional Response Policies
Section 4: RRT Operations and Administration
Section 5: RRT Agency Roles, Capabilities and Support
Section 6: Related Plans
Section 7: References


Appendix 1 Regional Response Team II Members and Contacts List

Appendix 2 Demarcation of the Inland and Coastal Zones for Pre-Designation of EPA and USCG On-Scene Coordinators for Pollution Response in NJ and NY

Appendix 3 RRT II Memorandum of Understanding on the Preauthorization for the Use of Chemical Countermeasures

Appendix 4 RRT II Memorandum of Understanding on the Preauthorization for the Use of In-Situ Burning

Appendix 5 RRT II Guidance for the Disposal of Contact Water in Inland, Ocean, and Coastal Waters

Appendix 6 RRT II Guidance for Emergency Ocean Dumping during Pollution Response Actions [under development]

Appendix 7 RRT II Limited Pre-Authorization Policy for Use of Solidifiers [under development]

Appendix 8 RRT II Guidelines for In-Situ Burning of Oil Impacted Herbaceous Wetlands [under development]

Appendix 9 RRT II Surface Washing Agent Testing & Evaluation Protocol

Appendix 10 RRT2 Guidance on National Historic Preservation Act Section 106 Compliance During Emergency Response