2. RRT3 Meetings 2019

Philadelphia, PA - RRT III

Site Contact:
Cindy Santiago
RRT3 Coordinator-EPA


Site Location:
Philadelphia, PA 19103

November 2019 RRT III Meeting:
Dates: November 19-21, 2019
Location: FEMA Emergency Management Institute (EMI)
Address: 16825 S. Seton Ave. Emmitsburg, MD 21727

We are excited to be hosted at the Emergency Management Institute (EMI), FEMA’s leading center improving Emergency Management at all levels of government through training, exercises and education.

Lodging has already been reserved at EMI for our entire group. Lodging will work differently than our normal RRT meetings and will require us to have a firmer RSVP list than we normally do. The lodging rooms are free, but everyone staying at EMI will be required to purchase a reasonable meal card for their stay. EMI serves breakfast, lunch and dinner at the their facility. We strongly encourage all RRT attendants to stay at EMI as due to the location and security restrictions there can be delays entering the facility. We will need you to confirm your attendance by Friday, October 18, so we can forward the list of attendees to EMI. To confirm your attendance just register using the link provided below.

Please register here: Nov 2019 RRT III Meeting Registration

Please note that the Standing RRT3 Meeting will be moved back to Thursday and workgroup sessions will be on Tuesday and/or Wednesday. Please plan accordingly.

Please contact Robin Dermigny (robin.dermigny@westonsolutions.com) or Debbie Scholz (dscholz@seaconsulting.com) if you have any additional questions.

Previous 2019 RRT III Meeting:
Dates: May 7-9, 2019
Location: Delaware State Fire School
Address: 1463 Chestnut Grove Road, Dover, DE 19904

2018 RRT III meeting announcements, presentations, attendees, and action items can be found at: www.nrt.org/meetings2018

For additional information, visit the Notices section.