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Int'l Bird Rescue-50 Years! 2/4/2021 Event

Bird Rescue

50 Years!

From the New York Times in 1971:

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 18— Two large tankers owned by the Standard Oil Company of California collided early this morning in a dense fog, spilling an estimated half million gallons of oil on the choppy waters of San Francisco Bay.

By afternoon, the resulting oil slick had reached the north shore of San Francisco and parts of the Marin County coastline across the Golden Gate. Traces of the oil were also reported by the Coast Guard at the Berkeley Marina, on the eastern shore of the bay, and as far as ten miles out to sea.

2021 marks the 50th anniversary of the collision of two tankers, the Arizona Standard and the Oregon Standard. The resulting spill ultimately led to the formation of the International Bird Rescue in Berkeley, California.

To celebrate a half century of rescuing wildlife, Bird Rescue will hold a 1970s themed “Groovy Gathering” online events in April, May and October. The public is invited. Find details at this link: