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Risk Communication
Marine In-Situ Burning of Oil: Questions and Answers for Communication with the Public (1998)
Provides information to help the On-Scene Coordinator (OSC), RRTs and other local authorities in effectively communicating with the public. Questions and answers are compiled from "In-Situ Burning (ISB) as an Open-Water Spill Response Technique" and "Northwest Focus: Burning an Oil Spill," as well as, public questions.

Risk Communication for Marine In-Situ Burning: Addressing In-Situ Burning at Public Meetings (1998)
Follow-up to the first In-Situ Burning (ISB) fact sheet which provided general information; Created for the On-Scene Coordinator (OSC), RRTs and other regional/local staff involved in planning and implementing marine/open water ISB.

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Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Risk Communication Program (EPA)

Provides information the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA’s) risk communication strategies and program. 


Other risk communication resources developed by EPA Regions or Program Offices include the following:

Communicating Radiation Risks: Crisis Communications for Emergency Responders (2008) (EPA Office of Radiation and Indoor Air (ORIA))

Environmental Risk: Your Guide to Analyzing and Reducing Risk (1991) (EPA Region 5) - This guide defines "risk," and discusses the need for risk assessment, management and communication. It also identifies the efforts EPA is making to mitigate risk.

U.S. Army Public Involvement Toolbox (DOD)
A web site of practical tools, methods, examples and information related to public involvement (specifically environmental public involvement), in support of the mission of the U.S. Army.


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