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COVID-19 Resource Compilation for Federal On-Scene Coordinators (OSCs) (October 21, 2020 edition)

The NRT compiled various COVID-19 resources for Federal OSC reference. OSCs and other hazardous materials responders will find a variety of information that may be applicable to planning, response, and other field activities. OSCs and NRT member agencies may submit additional recommendations to the NRT Executive Director.  An MS Excel (1997-2003 compatible or .XLS) file is also available for download. 

The resource compilation is updated on an ad-hoc basis as substantial changes in guidance, understanding, or government policy occur. Updated spreadsheets will be posted on Wednesdays. Changes and revisions are highlighted and summarized in column H. 

NRT Members and RRT Co-Chairs and Coordinators will find additional interagency resources on the NRT Members group page (login required). 


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